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Wreck Alley Clone - turned braggot

The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers


Registered Member
Feb 4, 2014
Volume 5 gallons

9.5 lbs. Extra light DME

12 oz. flaked oats
12 oz. pale two-row
5 oz. C60L
5 oz. C80L
5 oz. roasted barley
5 oz. debittered black
You'll need to use a mini-mash because of the flaked oats. Quick oats will give easier results - plain rolled oats have to be cereal mashed. The crystal malts are at a lower level than you would expect since extract has crystal in it.

1.0 oz. Brewer's Gold, FWH
1.0 oz. Brewer's Gold, 20 minutes
1.0 oz. Brewer's Gold, 10 minutes
1.0 oz. Brewer's Gold, 5 minutes
I don't know anything about how it smells or tastes, so I used Brewer's Gold as a good, flavorful hop for stouts. Incidentally, I would expect an RIS to be closer to 50 IBU than to 25.

OG 1087, FG 1022, IBU 26, SRM 32.

Coffee beans & cacao nibs 2 weeks before bottling

This is a thick, chocolaty drink. Coats the mouth with black yum, very little bite, and just a beautiful brew. I wanted to try converting this into a braggot, but I'm worried that any honey flavor may throw off the deliciousness, or will make it TOO complex. Not sure if I'd like to risk it and I'm not up to $ for testing out two batches!

If you've got a chance to try this brew - do it! You won't be let down.

For those who like chocolaty stouts, do you think a braggot chocolate stout would be a worthwhile venture? And if so, how would one convert this above recipe to fit, I suppose the easiest way is to just add honey...
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Midnight Sun

Registered Member
Jul 13, 2010
Anchorage, Alaska
I have a few ideas for you to consider. Your original recipe looks really good, so I intend to bookmark it and give it a go sometime soon.

You might try making this a honey beer before jumping up to a braggot. Reduce the DME by 1-2lb and add 1-2lb of honey. In return for a more complex beer, you'll dry it out somewhat. Maybe OK, maybe not.

Another idea is to use caramelized honey in place of the regular honey. I attempted this myself, but the batch got infected :mad: Been too busy to try it again. I figure the caramelized flavors would play well with the roasted flavors, but don't know for sure.

If you do want to simply convert this to a braggot, then consider using 4.5lb DME and 5lb honey.
The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers