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Raising Funds for Gotmead. A brainstorming session.


Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC
I'm with JAB on this one.

The podcasts that Vicky will be putting up intitally are from seminars at the Meadfestival after a $35 entry fee. So the material is already presented at a cost. We also have other premium content coming down the pipe like interviews with commercial meadery owners, etc. that is well worth the price of admission.

Another thing is that Vicky has to recoup the cost of the podcast equipment she shelled out for, so I'm down for premium podcast material in the subscription area, and other content in the no pay zone!




Hello everyone,
I am a totally brand new member that got to this site by accident from a link on another site, and immediatelly became interested, as I am a former beekeeper and am planning to re-establish some hives this spring, as I am now retired. I also have fruit trees and have ordered a cider press. So as a total newbie, i will need a lot of eq. and supplies to even start up. Lately, been searching for sites to suply these, and most I have found were minimal offerings for mead and cider.

Now in reading these posts, an idea? If one and perhaps only one supplier or large chain were enlisted, and all members made their purchases there, they could have a veryhefty tax write off, a large increase in sales, and offer all and any specific needs for meads, same for apiaries, cider and other fruit mills etc. Perhaps a couple of moth's free trial to see what would happen to their sales growth?

The concept of sponsered local clubs, would let a lot of new people find this site, and quite sure bring a lot of new people into the very fun and injoyable hobby, and as mew members they will need equipement. a complete startup kit for example and with yours and thirs logo on items where appropriate?

Just brainstorming thoughts. Had I reached here, and immediately faced a membership charge, I would have immediately passed on, much to my loss. This seems like such a close group, that all would support the chosen advertisers, as well as spreading the word around to get people linked to meads.

Also, like the concept of members being recognized for their contributions, and with a star or something evident when they post? And like that book I intend to get, seems like some of the real pro's here, could compile a teaching series, in video, that could cheaply be put out on dvd's and sold. I would be your first customer, and when I let friends borrow it they would also become enthusiastic. This is such a phenominal hobby potential, but so totally hidden and unknown.

Thanks for being here, with so much to learn from.


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
Hi John,

Thanks for the input, every comment helps. You wouldn't have been 'faced with a membership charge' right away, though, much of the site is remaining 'open' to visitors. New things being *added* will be premium content, but what you see today is going to remain free. So, you wouldn't have *had* a fee unless you wished to access the premium content. The idea is to offer enough free content for folks that they'll feel that the very small fee ($20/year!) is worth the added info that can be gained, and to encourage them to help support the site as a whole, since without income, this whole thing can't survive. That is the purpose of taking some of the site paid, I need income to keep it going.

A teaching DVD is a *very* good idea. I hope, though, that you wouldn't share it with friends (perhaps just let them see a *little* to get their interest going so *they'll* buy one! LOL), since that would be copyrighted material that the site expects to get paid for each person that uses it, just like software. That sort of defeats the whole reason for creating a product, if you give it away to everyone once you've bought it, doesn't it? I for one would be a bit chagrined if I found out that one person bought a DVD I sold on my site to support my work, then shared it with all his buddies. That's really no different than sharing software, or copying music, and you're taking money out of the pocket of the person who worked hard to create that item. I'd have to stand fast on the one payment - one copy thing. If a brewclub bought it for their entire club, then there would be a 'club price', I think. There would be no incentive to invest the huge amount of time and money that something like that would entail unless there was some confidence level that folks would respect the right of the maker to expect payment for his/her work from the people who watched it.....

I like the supplier idea, but the truth is that folks will buy where they get prices they like, or where they're used to buying, so I don't think it would be viable, unless said vendor had *everything*, and could guarantee the lowest prices.

Members that subscribe will be recognized, tho I haven't decided how yet. That will happen when I roll out the subcription setup.

Vicky - going up to put stuff away before the ice storm, then put the 2nd coat of paint in the kids' room.....


Vicky, Happy painting. also re to DVD sales I would die in those fumes this time of year withoughout fresh air and too cold here for that. althought rellatevently warm.
Think of it farther and deeper. Every person I would pass it on to would perhaps become enthusiastic, subscribe to your site, become a member, and a purchaser of your new store and offerings. I won't do it without your permission, but what a great resource and advertisement it would make for this site and your new store. I personally think that with the backing of this forum in your new store concept, and with total dedication and focus on gaining new total newbies like myself, this site could be a potential blockbuster money maker. Focus on the long term, and get forum members to help. There lots of knowledge and experiance out there. You're potential, and growth is so dramatically easily seen with full growth, tis increadable for a new business. Get some knowledgeable people to help and research.

My 2.5 cents worth, whose never tasted a mead, but want to make lots and lots of different kinds of it.

my very best regards and appreciiation for this site. John