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10-31-17 Hoppy Mead-o-Ween! We are back tonight to continue our series in Making Modern Mead. We’ve been talking about styles, and tonight we’re talking session meads with Eric Lowe, co-owner of Meridian Hive Meadery in Austin, Texas.

Even though session meads, i.e. lower alcohol meads between 4 and 8%, are a sack mead and can be in any style, we are pulling it out in an episode to focus on how to make your meads better at this level.

Meridian Hive turns out some of the tastiest session meads around, and they’ve a pile of medals to back that up. Eric and Mike have several types of canned sessions, and they’re all tasty.

We’re going to pick Eric’s brains on making awesome session meads, and learn more about being able to reliably make stable low-alcohol meads.

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