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9-26-17 We are continuing with Making Modern Mead, hosted by Ryan Carlson.

I’m proud to announce that we have a very special guest speaker this evening. Tom Repas will be joining us this evening to speak about the proper use of sulfites. Also known as sulfur dioxide, k-meta and SO2.

As we all know the web is full of misinformation about everything. And probably nothing more than how to properly employ sulfites and sorbate to stabilize a mead. And even more confusion comes when we dig into how to use sulfites to ensure we give our meads the best environment to age properly in ageing vessels. And then, how to prepare them to have along once you package them in bottles and kegs.

Tom is a certified Master Beekeeper and a queen bee breeder. If that’s not enough to prove he knows his stuff. Tom is the sole occupant of the very prestigious category of being the only person to have won Best of Show at the Mazer Cup not once, but two times.

I’m proud to have with us tonight a most amazing man in many different ways. No one could be more kind and humble. As many of you know Tom is amazingly gracious with his time and acts as a moderator and a very solid contributor to the Mead Makers face book group.

I’m proud to announce my friend – Tom Repas.

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