10-16-28 Tonight we’re off to cooler climes in Wyoming, and meeting with Michaell Jordan.

Michael Jordan is a hobby mead maker looking to go commercial in the near future. He has been keeping honey bees now for over 20 years. Michael’s family has been making mead not only as a tasty beverage, but for medical usage.

Michael blends herbs, and uses honey from all over the world for his medical meads.  Michael has now grown into Colorado’s culture of cannabis. Infusing marijuana into honeys, using cannabis concentrates for higher CBD and THC contents, and blending them with old time homeopathic remedies to make what he calls Medical Meads.

A great drink that he is finding, as well as others, the use of Mead is for more than being the best drink at the party, but an old time way to getting well from DRINKING! He is here to talk about Medical Mead, Making meads from Candies, Cakes, and Soda Pops, and having bees for Mead.

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