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Mead Lover's Digest #0506 Wed 30 October 1996


Forum for Discussion of Mead Making and Consuming
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Re: Chili pepper metheglin? (Marc Shapiro)
A beginner asking for advice. ("Gaute Gunleiksrud")
Re: Spices, what is preerable?? (
Re: a great liqueur recipe (
Re: Chili pepper metheglin? (Peter Miller)
Stuck fermentation ("Dione Wolfe, Dragonweyr, New Mexico")
Bakers Yeast (Bob Tisdale)
Re: Stuck fermentation. Please help! (
Re: Chili Pepper metheglin (Tidmarsh Major)


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Subject: Re: Chili pepper metheglin?
From: Marc Shapiro <>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 18:34:30 -0400

> What kind of chili is best? Jalapeno? Habanero? Cayenne?

I know someone who makes a jalepeno wine. He uses 1 lb jalepenos and 1
lb raisins per gallon of wine. It turns out quite well if you like to
drink hot foods. (Most people run in feer, but a few of us like to
drink the stuff. Just remember, ageing helps a lot.) It also makes an
excellent marinade for beef or chicken.

> How and when should they be added to the must? Raw? Roasted? Dried?
> Primary? Secondary?

He uses raw peppers, chopped fine and added to the primary ferment.

> What kind of mead are chilis best in? Sweet? Medium? Dry?

The jalepeno wine (or J Juice, as we refer to it) is generally made
fairly dry and potent. He likes to feed sugar syrup till the yeast poop

I am currently about to try a habanero metheglin. I'm planing on just
1 gallon, to start with, to see how it turns out. I expect to use apple
juice as my base liquid and 1 pepper for the gallon. By my
calcualtions, that should be more than enough to get the same heat that
the J Juice had – possibly considerably more. I don't feel like dealing
with fractional peppers, though. If this turns out too hot, but good
otherwise, then I'll have a better idea of the right amount of pepper to
use in a larger batch.

Once I get this going, I'll post my progress and results here. I need
to do something soon. I have two ripe pepers now and for more ripening
on the bushes.


Marc Shapiro


"If you drink melomel every day, you will live to be 150 years old,
unless your wife shoots you."

  • –Dr. Ferenc Androczi, Winemaker of the Little Hungary Winery


Subject: A beginner asking for advice.
From: "Gaute Gunleiksrud" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 00:49:13 +0000

I'm new to this list, and to the art of Maed making.
And there are a few questions I would like to have answered.

1. In the Mead FAQ the ph level is mentioned, but it does not say

what ph level is best for the yeast and the fermentation.

2. Hops is used in some Metheglin. should the hops be dried or fresh?

Gaute Gunleiksrud

"Pour me a cab, I just can't drink no more."

  • Tom Waits

Subject: Re: Spices, what is preerable??
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 21:22:39 -0400

What kind of spices is safe to put in mead?? Are there any mead-specific supply
stores? Thanks!

Subject: Re: a great liqueur recipe
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 21:22:35 -0400

What is : the name of the book, publisher,ISBN # & is it still out on the
shelves? Thanks!

Subject: Re: Chili pepper metheglin?
From: (Peter Miller)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 08:57:57 +1000

>From: (Mark Dallara)
>Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 11:23:43 -0500
>Does anyone have a good recipe or suggestions for, or personal experience
>(good or bad) with, making a metheglin from hot peppers? It sounds
>intriguing, but it also sounds like something that could turn out
>absolutely horrible if not done correctly.

Yes, I also would be interested in this.

Please let me know if you have any responses (I'll keep my eye out on the
list as well).

Perpetual Ocean Music & Sound Design

Subject: Stuck fermentation
From: "Dione Wolfe, Dragonweyr, New Mexico" <DKEY@MEDUSA.UNM.EDU>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 22:03:38 -0700 (MST)

Michael Roberts wrote in #505 that his cyser wasn't fermenting very well. The
only thing I can see that might be the problem is a pH of 3. I suggest adding
calcium carbonate a teaspoon at a time until the pH is 4.0 and see if this
picks it up. As I use bulk sodium bisulfite to sterilize, I'm not sure how
that equates to Camden tablets. I would add 1/4 tsp of bisulfite to five
gallons to kill wild yeasts, etc. More would possibly inhibit cultured yeast.

Never Thirst,


Subject: Bakers Yeast
From: (Bob Tisdale)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 08:47:26 -0600 (CST)

I read in one of the digests that bakers yeast can be used for making mead.

If anyone has experience or knowledge in this area I would like to find out
more about it.


Bob Tisdale

Subject:  Re: Stuck fermentation.  Please help!
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:46:08 +0000

>Subject: Stuck fermentation. Please help!
>From: "Michael B. Roberts, MD FACS" <>
>Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 10:49:55 -0400

>One week ago I began a cyser with 5 gallons of grocery store cider
>approximately 5 lbs of generic, grade A, honey (O.G. 1.074, pH 3,
>acidity=0.70% tartaric acid). I did not boil but added 6 uncrushed
>tablets. After 16 hrs I added Wyeast sweet mead starter. The temp
>has been a constant 68F.

Yes there is hope! What went wrong is that one, you didn't wait long
enough for the sulfites to clam down ( I wait 24-30 hr before
pitching) and two, Wyeast Mead variety is not very tolerant of
sulfites. I had the same problem when I first used it. My advice is
to repitch with another yeast variety (I like red star Cot de'
blanch (pardon my french)) The sulfits should have kept it from
getting badly infected plus the store bought cider is pasteurized.

Matt Maples
IS Department
IPAC Pharmacy

Subject: Re: Chili Pepper metheglin
From: Tidmarsh Major <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 09:02:15 -0500 (EST)

Mark Dallara asks about chili pepper metheglins in MLD 505. I've no
experience with such, but a friend of mine made a habanero stout that was
less than successful, so I'd recommend using a milder pepper to allow for
more pepper flavor than pure heat.

Tidmarsh Major

End of Mead Lover's Digest #506

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