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mazerThis year marks the 8th year of the Mazer Cup International. From the humble beginnings in Boulder at the Outlook Hotel, when a half dozen of us got together and said ‘we must have a competition’ to the current year, it’s been a wild ride, and along the way, the MCI has become the largest mead competition in the world.

The Mazer Cup is actually the *two* largest mead competitions, hosting both a home and a commercial competition, as well as the Mead Mixer public pour, which not only provides a venue where the public can meet mead producers from around the world, and try their meads and sample tasty bites, but also supports the Community Food Share, last year providing nearly 6000 additional meals for the community.

Over the years we’ve been front row center to see the mead industry explode, both for commercial and home mead makers, and now mead is the fastest growing beverage in the craft beverage industry. Many say we’re where the craft brewing industry was 20 years ago.

It remains to be seen where the ‘tipping point’ is for the mead industry, and right now, even as fast as it’s growing. it’s still a very small slice of the craft beverage pie, but it’s still thrilling to see the explosion of meaderies, all over the world, creating amazing beverages and getting them out to the mead loving public.

Last year, we were privileged to connect with Shelley Ladd and Luke Szczygielski, who are making a documentary about mead called Meadology. Just today they posted a great short about the Mazer Cup that you want to watch.

I caution you, you’ll likely be drooling by the end, so better cover your keyboard!!

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Vicky Rowe

Vicky Rowe has been active as a promoter and supporter of the mead industry since the mid-90's with, and is totally serious about seeing the mead industry take its rightful place as a popular craft beverage on the world recreational drinking stage.

She is also an experienced marketing coach and consultant who has recently decided to focus her marketing expertise exclusively on the craft beverage market to help meaderies, cideries, breweries and distilleries expand their business and get more customers while doing what they love.
Vicky Rowe
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