The National Honey Board will host a virtual Honey Summit for food and beverage product developers and marketers, and we encourage you to invite any potential or existing customers to the event to learn more about honey. The ideal attendee is anyone who is involved with marketing or new product development at a large food or non-alcoholic beverage company. Due to our marketing order, we cannot have any members of the honey industry attend. However, we do encourage you to invite your customers or potential customers who will benefit from an in-depth education on honey and its uses.

The Virtual R&D Honey Summit will take a deep dive into the world of honey, from the honey bee to honey’s applications in RTD beverages and foods. Attendees will learn what makes honey unique, how they can use the ingredient and why consumers want to see it in their food and beverage products. The Virtual R&D Honey Summit also will include an interactive honey tasting, as well as a product tastings of some of our favorite made with honey products.

If you have any potential or existing customers that you think would benefit from a comprehensive course on honey, please encourage them to register at

If you have any questions, please reach out to our agency partner Keith Seiz at

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