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Funky smell coming from a new batch

  • Thread starter Rurouni85Samurai
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I just started a new batch on wednesday night.

Ingredients: (for 2 gallon)
5 lbs Clover Honey
3 lb frozen strawberries
acid blend (dosage as per the package's instructions)
grape tannin
2 Campden tablet
pectic enzyme
Montrachet yeast

(Recipe called for leaving strawberries in there till wednesday but from what I can see, if the flavor hasn't been sucked from the strawberries by now, its not going to happen. Plus today was garbage day)

Never have I smelled such a strange smell. I can't place it at all. If it tastes like it smells, this stuff will be sitting for a long long long long time. Now my question is could this be caused by the yeast or a bacteria colony thats inside the yeast? I cleaned everything thouroughly. I guess my next batch will be in the 1gallon jugs instead of the bucket.


Registered Member
Jan 9, 2004
Do not dispair....yet. you wouldnt believe some of the horrible smells that can come from fruits as they ferment, yet the product can come out lovely. If the smell is sulfery, like rotten eggs, that can be perfectly normal. Of course i cant say for sure that your batch isnt contaminated without seeing it or smelling it myself, but i would suspect that it is more likely to be one of these normal smells that i describe. it should dissipate within a few weeks as the fermentation slows.


Did some checking around and I read that Montrachet yeast can give off some foul smelling odors while fermenting. Woo what a relief. I was this close to taping over the top of the airlock so I wouldn't smell it.


Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC
Smells can be deceiving.

I had a batch that smelled like fresh apple juice when I tapped the keg and topped off a flagon. When I tasted it, it was very dry and very smooth.

Go figure.



Slacking off at work so I'll post my results.

Last night I racked it into two 1gallon jugs, one for sweetening other for Sparkling. I tasted it, although it was dry it tasted pretty good for a new mead, hell best I've tasted at that age. Very wierd.